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Backflow protection
Typical valve location
Backflow protection and prevention has become a major concern. Many sewer systems are becoming over loaded and under maintained. Here is the problem. The sewer in the street which your house is connected to becomes clogged, just as a drain in your home can become clogged. The difference is when a drain in your home becomes blocked you simply have a drain that doesn't flow. When the main sewer in the street becomes clogged you will have a backup which will flow directly into your home. This is an extreem health and safety hazard. If you have a bathroom below grade, meaning in your basement, you need backflow protection. This protection will help prevent raw sewerage entering your home caused by a blocked sewer main. The National standard plumbing code now requires all fixtures located below the manhole cover in the street to be protected from backflow. Most townships will require this protection before issusing a CO. Meaning when you are selling your home, this prevention must be done prior to the sale. Most homeowners don't think about this potential problem untill they are faced with a basement or family room which is full of raw sewerage. Proaction is needed in this area for the health and safety of your family and property. We will be happy to discuss this issue with you in greater detail. Just give us a call for a free in home estimate.

Protect the health and safety of your family and property. We were called in to make repairs to the plumbing work done after this home remodel. The general contractor used a handyman to install the plumbing fixtures. There were no permits pulled. Fortunately, the building inspector made a surprise visit to the job. If not, a new homeowner would have been living with this potentially dangerous plumbing system. Take a look at the video and remember it's best to use a licensed plumber. 

This is what WILL happen if you think the proper way to repair a leaking relief valve is by capping it.


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